Brian Olsen

Mailing Address:

Brian Olsen #154711

Utah State Correctional Facility
P. O. Box 165300
Salt Lake City, UT 84116


I'm from Detroit, Michigan. I moved to Utah when I was 16. I am 39 years old, have 3 kids, and, unfortunately, have been in and out of prison most of my adult life. Mom was 15 when she had me, making her more like a sister to me. I was homeless at the age of 18.


I promised myself I would never struggle again, but I find myself incarcerated again. I believe in loyalty, appreciate reality, and hustle hard for those close to me. Years ago, I started a rap group. I went to college for massage therapy and mechanics.


Drawing, tattooing, and music (I have a rap group, 801 Family). I played drums for four years and piano for 12. Sports and rock climbing. Rebuilding cars, bullet bikes, and snowboarding. Start my own business, open a sober living, and start a landscaping business.

Dreaming of You
2024-04-25 13:47 Lyrics by Brian Olsen / Artwork by Dezmond Barba (Edited by Larry Revoir)