Erica Hall

Mailing Address:

Erica Hall #5964782
Century Regional Detention Facility
11705 S. Alameda Street
Lynwood, CA 90262



I am Charismatic, honest, and goofy. I have always been spontaneous. For me, every day is an opportunity for adventure. I am more open-minded than most. I find it attractive when someone is creative and makes me laugh. I am competitive, passionate, and loyal.


I enjoy all outdoor activities. I like sports. I don't like swimming if it's in the ocean. I love fishing in freshwater and the deep sea. I have always loved lizards, snakes, and spiders. I am often intrigued by the world's oddities. My favorite subject has always been science.


Without knowledge.


This is how you must be kept, tucked away in a box, seen as guilty before proven to be innocent, yet you will not be seen. You are just a number. Pushed into a deal because it’s an election year. They know the truth, yet who really cares? After all, they need the conviction rates up.


Fuck you, inmate.

Welcome to the end of your life.



Dead Girl Walking