Jonathan Clark

Mailing Address:

Jonathan Clark #243270

Utah State Correctional Facility
P. O. Box 165300
Salt Lake City, UT 84116


I am a 25 yo, half-Native American, half-white proud bi-sexual male. I am a lover of art & music. I love learning & I love comic books and learning about serial killers. I love heavy metal, and I play the bass guitar. I draw and write poems and short stories, and I hope to publish my complete biographical history with CircleDumb.


I like heavy metal, true crime, comic books, horror movies, literature, drawing, writing, playing guitar, singing, and partying. Lol! I also like dressing up, tattoos, the occult, the supernatural, and fine dining. My goal is to be a successful visual artist and writer.

Dead Heart


No pulse, just beating

No pain, just bleeding

My life is falling apart

No end; it’s just a start


No love, no feeling

Just lust, just bleeding

Hate grows, Love dies

No sun, black skies


Over the years, I drown in tears

I become a prisoner to my fears

Now, I have come apart

No more hurt, just a dead heart

Just a dead heart

A dead heart