Philip Hatfield

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Philip Hatfield #186183

Utah State Correctional Facility
P. O. Box 165300
Salt Lake City, UT 84116


I grow up here in Utah, camping, fishing, longboarding down the canyon, and skateboarding. I got addicted to drugs and was unable to stop until I came to prison in 2017. I was 27 at the time. On a lighter topic, I am working on my mental and physical health. I started drawing about four months ago, just before I got out of max. I love being able to send cards and pictures. I have nine more years until I see the board and want to put myself out there. I want to show people that one can make changes in one's life with practice, hard work, and a little risk. I use my art to express myself and gauge how I'm doing. I see myself getting better and better. I would love the opportunity to send cards and poems to new friends.


My favorite things are talking with friends and family and jogging in the yard or up and down the stairs for 30 minutes to clear my head. It's a meditation for me. I enjoy drawing for people I care about and myself. Of course, I love making a good spread once or twice a week. I love to listen to music, and my favorite band is Pink Floyd. I am also very interested in starting college courses. I'm into self-improvement, and I'm mostly happy and upbeat. I hope you enjoy my work and that we can build a friendship.

I am still working on my fight for sobriety. I can see where I want to be: clean, bills paid, working off this unit, and exercising just about everyday. When I first hit max and went to restricted housing, I would wake up, do some yoga, meditate, study, read, write, work out, birdbath, and read and write for over 30 days. I worked out every day. I met Besar, fell in love, and started “using” again. Now, I just want to be able to be me. I'm happy because I’m putting in work to make me feel better, like studying, writing, and the above.


So, I am not going to “use” as of the 29th, which is Wednesday.


“Waiting, for I am the only one who can overcome the next 8 years. Shall I dwindle into decay every day working for the spoon? Rather, will I feed upon the knowledge hidden within these walls around me? Push my body into health, my mind over the walls to become free, spread my wings, and fly far from here. To once again feel love’s sweet, warm embrace and to once again be a father, brother, lover, and son. Let us walk into the now just for today, sowing seeds, time ever unraveling, into tomorrow, into freedom, into bliss.”



Phil H.