Trisden Smith

Inmate Profile Picture

Mailing Address:

Trisden Smith #2428691

Utah State Correctional Facility
P. O. Box 165300
Salt Lake City, UT 84116


I lived a life of isolation and suffer from tremendous inner turmoil. I never knew how to talk to people though I desire love and acceptance. I seem to only screw it up. It seems like I am living in a world where everyone is acting upon a script and guidelines they follow, and all I can do is try to stumble my way through this play we call life. Thankfully, in the moments I am granted the familiar "gift" of isolation, I express myself through drawing and writing. When I draw, I draw unguided and will draw anything in my vision or however my hand is guided. I am deaf, but I do have cochlear implants so I love music too. I escape the world in prison through reading sci-fi & fantasy.


I love dubstep, electronic music, dancing, beautiful artwork, cooking prison food. I am a prison guy Fiery. Dungeons & dragons. I want to be a fully changed person before I am free from prison.

The mask with tears running down her face in the center of the page represents a suicidal personality. The missing puzzle piece is the pain. This is incomplete and causes one to be off-balance. The dead hand represents the universal sign of a gun to the head. Some beautiful people see suicide as the only answer. That's why you see the flag at the top, which says “Bang.”

Finally freed from the torment of the monster trapped in their mind. My first love/girlfriend of seven and a half years ended her life by hanging herself in jail.



Rest in peace.

That’s why I chose this topic for my picture.


The woman on the left and right of the personality demonstrates two different perceptions. The one on the right shows beauty and what an outside perspective might see. Nobody can really tell anything is terribly wrong. This is the deception of Perception.

The woman on the left is when the Devil has a hold of you as you live in anguish. This is how I see some people really feel inside. 


The tombstone that has the date June 3rd is when I was charged with murder.

Maybe I will be with my true love again after all?